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Friday, September 01, 2006


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This is from a "letter to the editor" in the Lakewood Voice. I honestly do not know if I should laugh or cry when reading this:

Dear Editor,

It has come to my attention that some of the women in Lakewood drive while davening with a siddur in hand!

Can you please let it be heard that not only is this dangerous to those driving but it is also dangerous for other drivers and pedestrians!

It has happened twice that I was cut off by ladies davening while driving. Today I almost hit one. (One minute she was in the right lane and the next minute her front door was in front of my car as she was making a u-turn right in front of me) I believe that if davening is so important to someone, she should somehow find time to do it at home and not risk causing a chillul hashem and/or an accident, ch"v!!!

Thank you,

A very concerned driver!!!

Mrs. J. Taub

Thursday, August 31, 2006


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I have heard (from someone who knows first-hand) about a boy who listened to 107.9 and accidentally got another station full of pritzus. The boy attributes the beginning of his going off-the-D to that. (Of course, you can say, he was ready to go off, otherwise he would have turned off the station immediately. However, everyone has their point of nisayon - most of you probably do not want your children exposed to that stuff.)

. . .

I think that the bottom line is that "Lakewood's radio station" ought to have some sort of "haskomos". I don't want to say censorship, but if it's permeating Lakewood homes, and if Lakewood is to maintain any semblance of the kedushah it ought to epitomize, some reliable people ought to be reviewing the programming (and I doubt that the Mashgiach is doing so).

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


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What do you think of what appears to be a shot across the bow of 107.9 by the BMG hanhala?

There are signs up on the "offical" bulletin boards (i.e. the ones that are locked and can only be used by the hanhala) consisting of a previously published letter from R' Michel Lefkowitz attacking frum radio programming. He is NOT referring to anything in Lakewood (or the U.S.) but the sign was almost certainly put up as a reference to the local issue.

The letter has various objections to the frum programming, mostly objections to radios generally. But the one thing that was underlined in all the signs I saw (by whoever put up the sign - not in the original) was the idea that the hashkafos being conveyed are not necessarily pure Torah hashkafos.

So it would seem that there is some objection to the hashkafos of someone on that station. (Most likely candidate would seem to be R' Akiva Tatz, but this is speculation.)