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Thursday, December 14, 2006


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As one who looked into the landlord/quality of life issue, there is more to what the landlords are saying than the man in the street thinks.

For example, did you know that the local judge ordered EVERY landlord (35+) to show up to court even though only a few cases could be heard? even thought the entire matter was under appeal in Toms River, and so no verdict could be reached? Or that every Wednesday township inspectors issue tickets to just about each and every house on RT 88, whether warranted or not?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


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I would like to comment on the upcoming lawsuit of the 40 landlords who, in their infinite wisdom, are suing the township of Lakewood - citing that the Quality of Life Ordinances are "unconstitutional vague".

I happen to be one of the main players in this case. I am one of the many neighbors who must endure living beside the tenants that these landlords happen to rent to. And most of them are of the illegal community, which is huge and growing here in Lakewood. How do I know such? Because these folks (the illegals) have absolutely no shame and do not hide this fact. They have admitted so openly. And have added such colorful statements as, "so what can you do? your own President does nothing..." And they are correct.

My issue is with this suit being brought in the first place. Listen, if you wish to own five dozen homes and want to rent to residents, thats fine with me. May G-d bless your endeavors. But if you wish to rent and not follow any of the ordinances that not only protect your own tenants, and the neighbors who live beside them, then something is terribly wrong with that.

What is "unconstitutionally vague" about fire/carbon alarms? What about heat? What about overcrowding - and I don't mean a few more people, I'm talking about nearly 30 in a home zoned for only 6? What about the blasting noise and parties at all hours of the day and night, including holidays - DJ's included? What about using explosive devices to cook with and to heat the house which is not 15 feet from your home?

Do we wish to see people killed in a house fire because there were no alarms present? Do we wish for the little children to live with no working heat or water? Do we wish for a child to be killed because they are operating an illegal day care center and they have not done so legally?

If you rent to the public without a proper Certificate of Occupancy - then you should expect to incur a fine or summons for such violation. If you do not wish to abide by the laws which are in place to govern safety, health and peace and quiet - do not rent.

I have been fighting these kinds of horrors for nearly three years now. I have helped to close down such an illegal day care center with over 26 children present. Illegal rooms built in the basement, housing strange men from right off of Clifton Avenue. I know of some who have been threatened for their activisim, and one who has even had her cat skinned!

We deserve a quality life here in Lakewood. And these landlords who are wasting time and money to try and win, should be ashamed of themselves. Collectively, they are worth millions many times over. There is simply no excuse for this kind of conduct. We would do well to remember that we must live, work and share this community together. Instead of trying to divide us, try to bring us together.

I look forward to the court hearing which will be on December 18, at the Superior Court in Toms River - I look forward to the township of Lakewood winning, and the group of 40 landlords being directed that if they want to play they must abide by the same rules as everyone else who plays...

Monday, December 11, 2006


Committeman's ouster sought

Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 12/9/06 [EXCERPTED]


LAKEWOOD — A petition to recall Committeeman Charles Cunliffe was filed late Thursday with the Lakewood clerk's office, and the people behind the controversial movement say they're poised to start collecting signatures. "The way we're doing the recall is we're taking the whole community in — seniors, the Orthodox and Hispanic community," said Ben Weber, a member of the group. "This is a full community project, not just the fringe."

"I think (the recall) is going to die out. I hope the sensible leadership in the Orthodox community takes a public stand and supports Charlie. This is a slippery slope," Coles said.

For a recall election to be authorized, signatures from 25 percent of registered voters must be obtained. That amounts to roughly 9,000 signatures.

The recall group has 160 days to collect the names. Weber said the group has 50 volunteers ready to fan out through town, knocking on doors to solicit support. "I'm more than confident that we can get the signatures," Weber said.

The petition filed Thursday was signed by three different people: Weber, Marcel Katz and Henry Salguero. Weber and Katz, both property managers, say there isn't any single issue motivating the recall group.

"He's not working in the township's interest. He's been atrocious on all the issues," Weber said. "Mr. Cunliffe does not work together with people."

Katz, who is among the group of landlords suing the township over its quality-of-life ordinances, has similar criticisms. "It has nothing to do with the landlord issue at all. He doesn't work and get along with others," Katz said.