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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


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I would like to let you in on a little secret with regard to the so-called "Shidduch Crisis".


Or I should say: no more than there is a "Shalom Bayis Crisis" or a "School Children Getting Bad Grades Crisis".

In other words, these problems exist, and they always have. And they are painful to those who are going through them. But these silly claims of major demographic trends which are supposedly getting worse and worse, resulting in embarassingly absurd suggestions by "experts" such as boys needing to marry older girls, etc. - PuhLease!

Now before someone jumps down my throat for this, let me repeat what I said above: Problems do exist, and the situation can be very painful for someone going through it. But honestly, even though there are alot of single 22 year old women, there are far less (although sadly still too many) 28 year olds, and even less 35 year olds. And I can bet the average person out there can count on one hand the number of 50 year olds who never got married with whom they are acquainted.

So ultimately, yes Shidduchim is a shvere parsha (as it has ALWAYS been in the frum world - even in the "alte heim") but at the end of the day, some sooner, some later, almost all women born in our community who do not have a major medical or psychological problem DO get married.