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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


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I have a comment to make about girls' high schools in general. They don't have to learn so much, and they are not learning things that they should be learning. In the long run, all the stuff they are filling our daughters' heads with, won't make them better wives and mothers, which is what our goal for our girls really should be.

Sora Schenirer didn't want the girls to be lost to haskala, so she started Bais Yaakov, but, it was a far cry from the Bais Yaakovs of today.

The girls should be taught more about what it means to be a true Bas Yisroel and learn homemaking skills etc. When they get married do you think they'll need all the math, science, English literature, global studies etc. to help them raise their families? Even all the Limudei Kodesh they are learning isn't that practical either. Even when they are in the job market they don't need all that stuff. You can sell real estate without knowing algebra and you can be a dental assistant without knowing any science. You can be a speech therapist without knowing Shakespeare etc. The schools are just trying to outdo each other in how much they are cramming into our poor girls heads. It is time to open a NORMAL school, normal for the true goal for Bnos Yisroel.